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Selecting the ideal present for a golfer can be challenging, especially if you don’t play the sport yourself. Here are a few presents that any golfer will love. Oh, and if you play golf, you might want to print this list and display it prominently as a clue about a gift you’d want to have.

Subscription to the golf magazine ($12 for a year). Every golfer will appreciate getting a subscription to a golf magazine. Golf magazines include news about the sport, advice on how to get better at it, evaluations of golf destinations and equipment, interviews with pros, and other entertaining and useful material.
Rangefinder laser ($250 and above). The distance to the flag and other objects is provided to the golfer through a laser rangefinder. They utilize this information to choose which club to use for the shot. While more expensive models will account for elevation change to produce a more accurate distance measurement, some rangefinders will only show “straight line” distance.
GPS on a handheld ($250 and above). A handheld GPS gives the player a layout of each hole on the course, as well as information on the distance to the green and significant hazards. A membership or subscription may be necessary to access the database of courses on some GPS devices.
($20–$30) Golf umbrella Nothing is more useful than a nice, sturdy golf umbrella when it starts to rain while you’re on the fourth fairway. A “gust-buster” umbrella with vents can resist strong gusts. Off-course activities like walking the dog or going to the mailbox in the rain can also benefit from it.
Hat for rain ($10–$20). Purchase a rain cap that can be conveniently rolled up and tucked into a golf bag. Another tool that will be useful for activities off the golf field is this one.
($20 to $40 per dozen) golf balls. Golf balls are required for all golfers. The only issue is which model and brand they like. Look through your golfer’s golf bag to learn more about their preferred equipment, and your present will be greatly appreciated. Golf balls with the player’s name or initials can be ordered as well as balls with the logos of universities, sports franchises, golf courses, etc.
($20–$45) Golf cart seat cover. Here is a special gift for golfers who play in powered golf carts. The golf cart seat cover will improve comfort on hot days when the vinyl gets sticky on the backs of the golfers’ legs and on cold days when vinyl golf cart seats steal heat from the golfers’ behinds. An extra-large, thick beach towel can be used to build one if you are skilled with a sewing machine. Just go to a nearby golf course and take measurements of the distance between the seats and their length. After that, make two holes in the towel and close them with a sewing machine. The cover can be tucked under the seat to keep it in place and will fit over the handles.

Hand warmers (package of 40, $30). If your golfer plays in colder climates, this is a thoughtful gift to keep hands warm and flexible.

Gift card for a golf package (whatever you want to spend). Give your golfer a gift certificate for a golf package and enable them to take a memorable golf trip. A golfer will appreciate receiving the gift of a golf trip in Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Florida, Europe, or another golf destination. To assist them in getting there, you are free to spend any amount you desire. A gift card to well-known sites is typically offered by golf trip operators.
($5 to $10) Ball markers. When golfers want to pick up the ball to clean it or move it out of the way of another golfer, they use a ball marker to mark where the ball is on the green. Ball markers come in a variety of shapes and dimensions. Some are magnetic and have a clip to fasten to a belt or hat bill. Some golfers want to mark their golf ball with a special coin.
Repair tool for pitch marks ($5–$15). The pitch mark left by a golf ball striking the green is repaired with a pitch mark repair tool. A magnetic ball marker may also be included with pitch mark tools. They are available with many designs, including university and sports team logos.
Retriever of balls ($20–$30). A golf ball that has been hit into the water can be recovered with a ball retriever. There are many different styles, but the most are telescopic to fit in a golf bag’s side pocket. The length and weight of some might differ substantially, and some are stronger than others.
Towel for golf ($8–$14). A golf towel typically includes a grommet on one corner to attach it to a golf bag and is the size of a hand towel. Then, you can obtain a variety of logos and designs.
Golf tees (50 tees for $5). A stock of golf tees will be useful to all golfers. A bag of 50 t-shirts costs $5. Nearly all tee shots can be made with longer tees (over 3 inches in length), but shorter tees have some usage restrictions. If the golfer uses any specific sizes or designs of tees, you might want to check their golf bag, but typically basic or white, wood tees would work just fine.

Labels for golf clubs ($10 for 20). The name, address, and phone number of the golfer are printed on the labels for the clubs. They are attached to the golf club’s shaft and are roughly the size of an address label. It is possible to return a golf club to its owner if it is unintentionally left on the course.

coverings for golf clubs ($25–$30 apiece). A golf club head cover is intended to shield the club’s head from wear and tear brought on by rubbing up against other clubs in the bag. Since the driver, fairway metals, and hybrid clubs are the biggest and priciest clubs, they are typically the only ones used. These clubs also have hollow heads, which increases their susceptibility to harm. A excellent head cover with the emblem of your golfer’s favorite professional or collegiate sports team will be treasured for years. They also produce amusing club head covers in the form of cartoon characters or animals. You can purchase a single head cover or a package for multiple clubs.
With any luck, this list can assist you in locating a thoughtful gift for your golfer. The holidays, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other special occasions would all be acceptable times to use them. The pro shop of a neighboring golf course or your neighborhood sports goods store likely has many of these items. On the websites of golf supply companies, you could also discover excellent bargains.


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